Our trophies and plaques are idle in comparison.
The affect we’ve had on the lives of our clients;
There is no greater reward.

… I swear Steve is the Yoda of dog owners. And if he can fix what was wrong between me and Francis he can help anyone. He’s so calm and focused. So try, we did. Francis enrolled in Steve’s board and train. And at first it seemed like a lot of money. But it wasn’t. He saved his life. Made me a better owner. And you can’t put a price on that. …

– Jennifer Williams
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Madge was found on the streets of Georgia, pregnant and with puppies by her side. We rescued her from Ruff House Rescue and realized very soon that she/we needed help. K9 Key was on Baldwin Animal Hospital’s recommendation list and I am thrilled with Madge’s progress. Madge took to him instantly (the first male she ever approached without fear and anxiety).She attended a seven week boarding school type training program and during that time we were provided video footage and updates regarding her progress.Now that Madge is home, we have a much better handle on how to walk her, manage her, reward her and help her continue on the road to healing.We attend an excellent group clinic regularly as part of the continuing training process. This is an opportunity for us to reinforce what Madge has learned as well as help us reinforce the skills we need.Madge is a dream.We love her.But we also know that without K9 Key’s continued support we wouldn’t be able to do it. Thank you Steve and your wonderful team!!!!

– Delia Serrano
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Steve was and is hands down the best trainer we’ve had. K9Key is incredibly professional, reliable, easy to work with, and has proven results through a dedicated training regimen and many years of experience. They’re dedication to training is unparalleled from coming up with an effective action plan, providing feedback throughout, curtailing said plan as needed, and continuing training as an ongoing method of assuring you and your dog understand practicing these new found behaviors are not a one time fix. They not only train your dog, but they also help you understand the psychology of your dog, its behaviors, how to break them, and the steps you need to take as an owner to be the true pack leader your dog seeks. We will continue to go to K9Key, and we absolutely love and adore Steve and family. There isn’t a better trainer around, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for any type of dog training needed. Stop looking for training, and call K9KEY! It’ll be the best decision you ever made for you and fido!

– Nasiba Alami
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Steve is the real deal. He is more than a trainer. Most trainers try to bandaid the problem. Steve is able to figure it out the root cause and work the dog past the problems. I am pleased to say that with Steve’s guidance we were able to get our dog under control and make him a great pet and member of the family. If it weren’t for Steve we would have most likely had to rehome him. Thank you again Steve for all your dedicated hard work, we would be lost with out you.

– Luigi Iannucci
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The best trainer in the tri-state area

– Fran Alongi
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